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Women in the Music Industry: A Call for Equal Profiling and Stronger Representation - Impakter

"Unlike a man [a woman] is never simply and gloriously a musician. She is a 'female guitar player' or 'a female drummer'. Her gender precedes her." It is not controversial to...


The Dirty Side of the Garment Industry: An Interview with Dr. Nikolay Anguelov - Impakter

For the everyday consumer, there is a wealth of information about eco-friendly and sustainable fashion: websites and magazines dedicated to sourcing ethical brands and retailers...


Indie Record Labels: Stemming the Tide of Change - Impakter

The modern music landscape has become a complicated subject since the commercial use of the internet altogether causing major changes and developments for the entire industry....


Can Donald Trump Really Afford to Ignore Climate Change? - Impakter

The vote has been cast, democracy has spoken and Donald Trump is set to be the United States of America's 49 th President. A little hard to believe for some but a momentous...

World Radio Paris

Paris Music Fix

Jessica Brassington explores Paris' music scene in a show full of interviews, music and a run down of the week's best gigs across the city.


The Example of Venezuela: How Water Mismanagement Led to Disaster - Impakter

Mismanagement of water resources around the world has meant that today more than one billion people lack access to decent water and risk their lives because of sanitation...

Rocky Dawuni

Defining Afro Roots Music | Rocky Dawuni | African Roots

Originally a term created to outline the scope of music influenced by the continent of Africa, the term "Afro Roots" has become much more understood and defined as part of...


Projet GE


Peacefire: An Interview With Aloe Blacc - Impakter

is an artist renowned for creating music to represent the underdog in society; an artist that has championed various causes including Malaria No More, UK and supported charter...


Let's Talk About Periods - Impakter

The word taboo, throughout history, has had a broad spectrum of meanings: forbidden, magic, frightening and untouchable are just a few examples of how the word has been...


CoderDojo: An Interview with Bill Liao - Impakter

is just one of the many inspiring, but vital projects, philanthropist, Bill Liao has spearheaded over his expansive career and each one exists to provide solutions to...


Music and Broadening Horizons: Mr Flash Talks Vision and Changing Perspectives. - Impakter

Gilles Bousquet, or as he's better known, Mr Flash, seems to be very content with the direction his music is taking at the moment. It has been nearly two years since his...


Peacefire: An interview with Rocky Dawuni - Impakter

Rocky Dawuni is well known across Africa and the world for his infectious Afro Roots sound and humanitarian activism. His dedication to spread his message of love, positivity,...

The Metropolist

INTERVIEW: JONES - The Metropolist

London-based singer-songwriter JONES (a.k.a Cherie Jones) is on the verge of releasing her debut album, New Skin, a collection of soul inspired, pop hooks with the added bonus...

The Metropolist

INTERVIEW: Anna of the North - The Metropolist

Anna of the North, made up of Norwegian-born, Anna Lotterud, and New Zealand-born, Brady Daniell-Smith, is a band beautifully and cautiously crafted. With no set plan or clear...

The Metropolist

INTERVIEW: Thom Sonny Green - The Metropolist

The call to Thom Sonny Green went through on a warm Wednesday afternoon and after he finished describing the view from the balcony of his London flat he added how lucky he felt....

The Metropolist

INTERVIEW: Mac Quayle - The Metropolist

Both Emmy and Grammy nominated, Mac Quayle is a composer at the top of his game and currently writing the score for Mr Robot season 2. With season 1 recently made available as a...

The Metropolist

INTERVIEW: Alex Somers - The Metropolist

Alex Somer's latest artistry is hauntingly beautiful, a soundtrack that effortlessly glides from track to track telling its own story, yet also fulfils its duty to perfectly...

The Metropolist

REVIEW: River Tiber - Indigo - The Metropolist

Indigo is a twelve track project of pure luxury; a synth driven, R&B infused collision of sounds further layered with various, unassuming instruments and soulful harmonies. More...

The Metropolist

INTERVIEW: Braids - The Metropolist

Recently releasing their latest EP, Companion, and fresh from a small tour around the UK including a Glastonbury appearance, Braids are a band that has steadily grown in stature...